Nothing Short of Majestic

Posted on Fri Mar 29th, 2019 @ 9:02pm by Admiral Allison Reyes

Mission: A New Age
Location: USS Providence
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0700

"New Bajor, two minutes out," reported the conn officer as the turbolift doors slid open.

The operations officer, upon catching sight of the new arrival on the small Atlantia-class patrol ship's bridge, immediately announced: "Admiral on deck!" All around, the crew turned snapped to attention, the Lieutenant Commander on the center island raising a crisp salute.

"At ease," offered Admiral Reyes in a warm tone. But to the crew of the USS Providence, an Admiral in their midst was not a regular occurrence, so save the conn officer, who thankfully was busy handling their trip at warp, the rest remained at attention while Lieutenant Commander J'aris, their Commanding Officer, approached.

"I'm sorry Admiral," apologized the Lieutenant Commander frantically. "I thought you were down in your quarters preparing to arrive. I… I wasn't aware you'd be coming up to the command deck." He ushered a crewman over from the science station. "May I offer you anything? A coffee or tea perhaps?"

The Admiral raised a hand, trying to calm the Andorian. "No, no, I'm really just here for the view," she said as she looked towards the viewport as the stars blurring by them at warp. Then she looked back at the bridge crew. Why the hell were they still at attention? "Please," she urged. "Carry on. You all certainly have more important things to do than humor an aging scientist."

The second order seemed to stick a bit more than the first, and the crew returned to their tasks.

"Status Lieutenant?" asked the Lieutenant Commander, who, much to Admiral Reyes' dismay, had taken up a position to her left, as if an aide, rather than returning to his customary position at the center of the bridge.

"New Bajor coming into view now," announced the conn officer as the ship slowed to impulse.

The Admiral cast her eyes forward towards the viewer again. Directly ahead lay the Class M planet home to the largest and busiest Federation colony this side of the wormhole. Off to its side, in high orbit above the planet, she could make out a small speck of a space station.

As they approached, the starbase came into full view. Deep Space 11 was the headquarters of Task Force 9, this fact made evident by the sea of activity all around it, starships of various shapes and sizes littered about. But even amongst all of this activity, one starship stood out, a starship that dwarfed almost everything else save the station. That ship, thirty two decks high and nearly a kilometer long, was the USS Khonsu.

The Lieutenant Commander, as if sensing what the Admiral was thinking, ordered, "Lieutenant, bring us around nice and slow. Let's give the Admiral a good look at her new ship." Although Admiral Reyes hadn't announced her reason for the trip, not wanting to be a burden upon the small crew that just so happened to be making the same trip from Earth to New Bajor as she, the Providence's CO had taken it upon himself to learn a bit more about the highest ranking passenger he'd ever had aboard during his three years in command.

Admiral Reyes smiled. It was a kind gesture.

As the conn officer cleared the approach with Deep Space 11 flight operations and then brought the ship around for a close flyby, Reyes looked out, admiring the grace of the massive Excalibur-class ship that would be her home for the foreseeable future.

The Admiral had seen many impressive ships during her days with Starfleet R&D, but this one seemed to stand above them all. Maybe it was the ship's purpose, truly the heart of the Federation's mandate of exploration and discovery. Or maybe it because it was the first flagship she'd ever actually had, as she'd spent most of her years just transiently hitching a ride on the starships of others. But whatever it was, she had to disagree with those that said the Excalibur looked like an awkward ugly whale.

To Admiral Reyes, the USS Khonsu looked nothing short of majestic.

"Commander, please notify Task Force Command of my arrival," the Admiral asked. While she wanted to get straight down to business, first it was time to visit an old friend.